Friday, May 3, 2013

My Little Pony Nail Polishes from Hot Topic

I ended up picking these adorable nail polishes because I am a huge MLP (My Little Pony, both friendship is magic and the original ponies from the 80's.) I have been collecting as my mother puts it from before I was born. I own somewhere near 1000 maybe more. I someday plan to display them all in my makeup room on shelves. They are a good link to my past.

Now I got 2 polishes that day a purple and a white sparkle. I liked them. They don't go on globby, they look nice and the white sparkle is a almost sheer polish with a ton of white glitter that make it almost seem like a white shiny polish instead of glittery.

There is one thing I dislike about them, the glitter on the cap, it makes it hard to open and the glitter comes off on everything. I might just clean off the caps, because I would rather it didn't.

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