Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bath and Bodyworks Rome Honeysuckle Amore Body Scrub

Now I open like a ton of Bath and Bodyworks products, I always stop in and grab the $1 lotions every time they have them. I really like the travel bottles they do at that price because then I can put them in my purse and on top of that, I get to try out so many scents before purchasing the bigger more expensive ones.

Now I love the smell of this body scrub, when I was younger my brother and I used to collect Honeysuckle and eat it. So that's partly why I picked this particular one, since it brought back so many good childhood memories. It has a very fruity smell to it and stays on after you get out of the shower, so you smell like a bowl of fruit for a while after you get out of the shower.

The only thing I don't like about it is the exfoliating beads are coarse and hard and don't really dissolve, they just scrape against your skin, now if you have dry rough skin that can be good for you, but not if you have softer skin. I am going to use it like once a week, to help clean away all the hard to get dead skin and keep my other softer exfoliators for the rest of the week.

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