Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DermOrganic Soapless Facial Cleanser

I was sent by the lovely company DermOrganic some samples to try out. They were nice deluxe size samples. I received 6 samples from them, but I haven't had the chance to try out the other products yet, but I will say I really like the fact that the products are oil free and fragrance free. The skin care products are made with Argan Extract.

So I am still in the process of finding a cleanser for my skin that I really like. I hate the fact that most make me feel sticky on my skin I don't like that. So it's always a push for me looking to find myself something that doesn't feel gross on my skin.

I tried this new to me brand and I liked the way it felt on my face. It didn't make my skin feel sticky or gross. That for me is so important since I always worry that I if my skin feels gross I am more likely to touch it because I am bothered by it.

I will definitely be using this until it runs out and if I like the results of the long haul I might actually buy it.

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