Monday, May 13, 2013

Julep Essential Cuticle Oil Review

I got this in my first ever julep box. I think I got the box in November 2012. I hadn't used this but today I found it while going through some boxes of polish. (Reorganization of my makeup, it will take weeks I am sure, and hopefully I will get everything into a nice organized setting.)

This Julep Essential Oil smells really nice. I like the way it smells. I could smell my nails more often then probably I should, in that looks crazy sort of way. It has a almost spicy smell to it.

It goes on very oily (yes its oil duh) but it dries pretty quickly, so that's not a problem. I am not sure how nail polish will go on after using it. I will be finding that out shortly.

I have seen some people say use it to keep polish from sticking to your skin when you are doing things like sugar spun nails, or gradient, to keep your skin clean.

I am going to start using this and will see how it will work on my nails.

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