Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 starts with a bang

So all my posting is halted, even though I really want to be posting because I have been in the process of moving. I moved a 22 gallon tote to my garage full of makeup and somebody decided that they wanted it.. and stole it.. So I lost about $5000 in makeup.. along with all my kitchen things, all my sewing fabric, everything I need to sew, tons of handmade dresses and skirts, and all the DC shirts I just drew and so much more on top of that. I am completely devastated mostly because I lost so much handmade stuff... and so much of my supplies for my business. It's gonna cost me thousands of dollars to replace things to get back up and running.. so right now I am a little bit behind and a little dishelved. I am very sorry.. 1d2adada0baed74ecb616e7107ea3339d7a1e0691bbae2e334

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  1. Ugh. Some people. We had the same thing happen during a move. During 1 move I had years ago I had lots of kids offer to "help" me. However, it didn't take long to figure out they weren't there to help, they were casing my stuff and trying to see what they could take home. Some kids were even bold enough to ask if I still wanted something. Um, yes, it IS in a box isn't it? Thank goodness that you did not have to fear for your physical safety but darn it, that is a lot of hard work and saving to get all the stuff you had. For someone else to just steal. Grrrr. I am outraged with you. So sorry my friend.


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