Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nail Mail and purchases while out and about this week 5/27-5/29

So I wanted to start this where once a week I show off what I got in the mail or what I purchased, before you see my swatches and reviews of things. This will be anything cool I found while out. So not always completely nail or beauty stuff. I love sharing with you all. I love also hearing from you guys and finding out about your incredible finds throughout your week.

So first off I'm gonna start out with my nail mail. I got 3 botles of polish from ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) during her $3 sale for her old bases. I have really wanted to try out her polishes so I am super excited and the box is just too darned cute.

Next I got my Hooray for May Mystery Julep box with 6 polishes in it. I really love julep the polishes are really nice. I have seemed to misplace this box and I am going crazy trying to find it.

I got a bottle of Lime Crime's Creme De Lemon. I really love Lime Crime and I have yet to try the nail polish, so I was super excited.

Then I stopped at Target this week and got 2 really great superhero sippy cups. I got a Batman and a Wonderwoman one. I use them when I am working on my computer and all my swatching is happening so I don't spill on my computer or other stuff. But I am a little sad that the Wonderwoman one isn't that cute because it is the wrong colors, but that's ok. I still love them both.

Then I picked up the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat and Fuzzy Coat. I am in love with the new textured stuff so I really wanted to check out the new ones from this brand. I will be posting about them very soon. I got a bright vibrant blue and a peach one.

I went over to H&M because like 2 weeks ago they did a thing if you bought anything you got a giftcard for $5 towards your next purchase. So I picked up $15 worth of stuff for the $3 I spent 2 weeks ago. I got 4 lip balms, 1 set of wet wipes and a hair clip. I got $24 worth of stuff. I am quite happy with the stuff. I love the lip balms. I can't wait to review them for you guys.

I ran over to Urban Outfitters for the clearance sale they were having I grabbed 5 bronzers. I am in love with the bronzers. I haven't really used any bronzer so this is my new starter set.

I went to DSW and got two of the Anise polishes one neon green and a bronze. I really dig this polish. I fell in love with the other 2 that I got last time I had a $10 giftcard. That's how I grab the polishes whenever I get giftcards, since I own far too many pairs of shoes.

Lastly I picked up an adorable neon dress and a very cute black and neon green skirt. I got them on clearance over at Jcpenney. I loved them a month ago and when I saw them on clearance I was overly excited. I used the Giftcard I won to grab them.

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