Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review and 2013 in the window

Alrighty, So I said to myself all the time this year that I would post often and then life just continuously was in my way. Both personally and professionally. Instead of being on things I didn't get as much done on any of the blogs I write..

I made some friends though, entered some swaps, and got to enjoy some makeup. This year I am planning a look every week. At least 2 reviews on products and a random post a week. This is my goal for 2013.

So I got to be part of not 1 but 2 Influenster boxes. Which was awesome and got to try out some awesome things. One of the best things an NYC palette that had colors I needed. Hopefully I will get to work with them in the future. I got the chance to show off my nails (sad as they are and do some polishing.) I got to play with lots of colors I would never have played with.

Now looking to the future, I see Lime Crime, Sephora Brand, Ren, ME, prizes, shopping trips, makeup looks, makeup contests, and lots more fun. Let's start the New Year with a bang. Enjoy tonight we have a new year to look forward too.

With Love,


Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Fun times and fun reviews

I have been part of this website for a while now and had the pleasure of reviewing for them the Summer Beauty Voxbox. Now in a few short days I will be reviewing for them the Fall Beauty Voxbox. I am super excited for sure, lots of products to play with and review and get to know.

The website itself is interactive and informative. You as a member can write reviews, read reviews, participate in challenges and learn about tons of new products. Tell me who doesn't want to do that?

There are badges you can earn from being knowledgeable about products and for being informative and expressing your opinions. Surveys to answer to help them get to know you better. I really like the site and plan to be more interactive with it. I love giving my opinion and here is a fun place for me to voice how I feel for sure. :)

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