Monday, May 27, 2013

Beauty Collection Newport Beach Grand Opening

So Saturday the 18th was the grand opening of the newest Beauty Collection in Newport Beach. This is the first store in the Orange County. It was a very nice grand opening.

I got there super early. I was expecting a crazy early morning crowd because of the value of the giftbag they were giving away. But lately, the crowds seem to be slowing down everywhere. But in my showing up early I ended up befriending another lady who had the same idea as me and wanted to be the rush, so I had someone to chat with for the almost 2 hours until more people started showing up. So we were one and two in line, guaranteed our goodie bags. I had a wonderful time meeting people.

We had some women ask us if the line was starting, they wanted food and there was no one else around so we said we'd save them a spot, they ended up being gone a very long time, making us worry since we didn't want any fights with other line goers for space. Luckily there was no problems. The women were so sweet to us, they bought us each a Sprinkles cupcake. I had a vanilla cupcake, huge and tasty.

As the day got closer to the opening and the line started to get longer, the store was so great to all us ladies sitting in the sun. Every 5-10 minutes they were bringing us out water to make sure we were hydrated. They even brought out little containers of sunscreen to make sure we were all kept sunburn free. (except of course I didn't put enough on and my skin is super burned. I am feeling a bit silly since I don't usually stay in the sun, so having bright red skin is not a good thing for me). They walked around and gave us samples while we waited.

They gave us tickets for the first 57 (they added 7 extra bags, because they had too many people show up and they were so nice and tried to accommodate as many people as they could).

The two o'clock mark hit and they let everyone rush the store. It was a little bit cramped in the store. I walked up to the counter got my bag full of all my goodies, and then purchased a bottle of the OPI Liquid Sand from the Couture Minnie collection.

I walked outside, met up with the friends I had made and we all walked over to Bristol Farms and had lunch. Hopefully we will all be hanging out again soon.

So let me show you the goodie bag.

There are so many products in the bag, full size and deluxe sample size and travel size, there are GWP - gift with purchases, and so much more. I couldn't believe my eyes when I had opened up the bag. You can see me showing off all the things inside the bag, here

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