Tuesday, May 7, 2013

H2O Toner Review

I never really used toner most of my life and now I am learning things that I should have years ago.

Today I decided to pick up this new toner I had never tried by H2O. I have heard tons about this company, they ran lots of different campaigns during the holiday season. So I when I saw this while out the other day, I knew that I should grab it and try it out.

I can't say this is the toner I am going to stick with. I am still in a search for a toner. I just bought the Lush Eau du Roma so this might get backburned. I do want to give this a shot.

This new product is called Marine Toner, this bottle I got the 8 oz bottle with a blue liquid. I like that the formula is alcohol free. That's good for the skin, alcohol dries out your skin, my skin needs more moisture. The toner also has Provitamin B in it, Wakame, Sea Fennel and Sea Lettace. That's a lot of good marine life to help moisturize and balance out my skin.

The only thing I am not sure about with the toner is that it has a lot of chemicals in it. I have been leaning more and more towards products that are more natural. The dye in it is really my biggest concern, but most products you find on the market are like that. So I can't hold it against them.

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