Wednesday, May 1, 2013

42 Movie Review and Makeup Look

Now there is so much I have to say about this movie because of my love for Baseball and more so for the love of people who have changed the way things are in any facet of our lives. The movie was wonderful. I loved it.

Growing up I watched a lot of baseball and I played Softball for a couple years. I didn't follow it into high school, because in junior high I got majorly involved in theatre arts and my time was lost to that. My father was a minor league baseball player. I can say how incredibly proud I am of him. He was supposed to move on to the major leagues but his shoulder would not allow it. If he had played any other role then pitcher he might have had a chance but a torn shoulder is the end of a career for a pitcher. I wish that his life had been different, that he could have had all of dreams come true. I was a pitcher when I played. A fairly good one at that, I was always being asked to move into the boys baseball team because they needed a pitcher.

Jackie Robinson was a part of baseball history in that he changed the way of thinking for so many people. More on that he was a person of great integrity he stood tall and quiet and allowed the world to beat on him, for a greater good. There is so much to respect in that. He was also an incredible ball player. I have a few books on him and love hearing his story.

The movie centers on his life as he is brought into major league baseball and the hardships he faced. It shows the people that stood up and defended him and the people who were too coward. I really enjoyed the way the movie made me feel and think. It had a wonderful message for all of us. I thought the actors did a wonderful job. I loved the actor that played Jackie Robinson. It really is a feel good movie, it reminds us in all the bad there is in the world there are people who will stand up against it.

I can't wait to buy this one on DVD. It will definitely live on in my collection.

So I painted my nails for the movie. I used 2 sinful nails. One white and one blue. I used a MLP nail polish in white sparkle and Maybelline Color Show in LE color Blast of Blue.

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