Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mom's Nite Out May 9th, 2013 Simon Malls

I love going to events, and so when my mall says they are having an event, with it being only a mile from my home how could I say no. I have gone to this event now 3 years in a row. I really enjoy all the events that my mall puts on. They put on 3 events a year, a mothers nite, a girls nite and a fashion nite.

This year I asked my roommate if she wanted to come along. She has a 8 month old, she was excited to go. My boyfriend came along with me since he loves to go to events. (Ok more so he just likes to spend time with me.) We got there early since every year they have a lot of people that show up for the events. You had to be the in the top 50 to get a VIP bracelet, which made it so you got a swag bag. The swagbag was really nice but didn't have much in it.

I'm not sure what exactly was in it, since through out the night I filled it up with all the samples and freebies I was given.

We got in the top 50, and before running over to get our swagbags, we went to Ben Bridge to get the item they were giving away to the first 25 people. It was a purse size bottle of the perfume Flawless. They valued it at $35, I don't know if I agree with that, but it's a cute little bottle.

We walked over to both hair salon tables and they gave us a ton of travel size bottles of stuff. I got some Bumble and Bumble straight shampoo and conditioner. I really like Bumble and Bumble so I was super happy about that, since the mini bottles are like $10 each normally.

We went over and got our makeup done by the girls at Sephora and they gave us a little makeup baggies full of makeup.

After that we got lots of different packets of lotions and such. I love packets and such of samples, gives me things I get to try out and find things I like.

They had lots of contests going on. We walked around and entered them all. I won a $5 jamba juice giftcard. Which made my boyfriend really happy, because he loves Jamba Juice, better then that, they messed up our drink and they gave us 2 drinks. So we got to enjoy 2 drinks, YAY.

Then we went over to the Picture People they were doing a giveaway and taking photos. So my roommate got her pictures taken, and my boyfriend and I took pictures together. (I went back yesterday and bought 4 different poses because they looked really good.)

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