Friday, May 31, 2013

Generation Beauty May 31st Registration and Fabulous People

So today was the first day of a great event being held in L.A. this weekend called Generation Beauty. It is a meeting of Beauty bloggers, vloggers, lovers and industry professionals. I am so excited for the line up tomorrow. Today was our meet and greet with other attendees and registration.

I stopped at the mall before driving out to LA and got my free Lacie Thong from Victoria's Secret, a sample of Smashbox's CC Cream, and a baggie of samples from MAC. (I know I couldn't believe it when MAC gave me samples, I didn't know what to do). I was a happy camper for sure.

So we drove to LA, my only complaint is parking is too high in LA. I had to pay $15 for 3 hours. But that is life in LA. We went over to the Yard House to meet up with a large group of gals.

I think the internet is just a fabulous thing. I mean I met today 20+ girls today all because we share common interests and we all were looking to network and make friends, and we all use facebook. I think it's just awesome that I live in a time that it is possible to do such a thing.

I had a blast at the Yard House, we ate and talked and got to know each other and then took some pictures. I will be posting a ton of pictures from the event this weekend.

I also will share all the different places you can look up these lovely ladies, youtube channels, twitters, and blogs.

Our makeup community is so wonderful. We help each other out and it's so neat that we can all come together like this.

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