Thursday, May 23, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Review and Nail design

So last night I went out to see Star Trek Into Darkness with my boyfriend and his son. I hadn't wanted to see it yet because I hadn't seen the first in this new series. Now I am not really space fan, I know a weird statement to make but it's how I've always felt. Lately though I have been slowly getting more interested in space, galaxy nails are so beautiful and I love them. Makes me want galaxy print leggings. I got into star wars clothing, specifically more R2D2 then anything, and Princess Slave Leia. So I mean I wanted to see the new Star Trek I just wasn't ready, but today was his day off and he found out what film this was supposed to follow from the older series and was really hyped to see it. I figure I can always watch the first one later.

The film is all about Captain Kirk and his crew and the battle between good and evil that comes to bring on a giant fight against the Starfleet.

I was really happy with the script and the acting. I was expecting it to be slightly more campy. I really enjoyed Zachary Quinto's Spock and the character choices he made. Benedict Cumberbatch was a fantastic villain and great in the way he makes you dislike him and feel for him. Chris Pine is a wonderful Captain Kirk, I love how he plays the fearless, authority pushing captain.

The story line is really inviting and interesting and flows well. The characters are great together and they work to grow on each other. I loved that about the film.

I am beyond excited that the way geek films are going that we are seeing more and more well made films coming out rather then the cheesy films that we used to get. I am in love with the way things are going. I can not wait for the next film Man of Steel to hit the theaters.

So here is the first of my nail art I did for Star Trek. I did just a little logo mark. My phone (soon I will be getting a new camera, everyday I get closer to having a real camera again) was taking sadly not the best pictures, but I hope this will suffice.

This is my engineer look, red shirts if you will. I am still undecided if my next cosplay will be red, blue or yellow. I am thinking Red or Blue. I really loved the attention to detail in the costuming of the film. The fabric they used had little logos in it to make up the outfits. So I have to find the same material. But I will for surely be making a dress. I really enjoyed the film. My boyfriend and I are going to start watching the original series and a movie night with the original movies just for fun (After I get him caught up on Supernatural, Dr. Who, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, True Blood and Game of Thrones, lol)

I will be doing other looks soon.

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