Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Finally a VIB with Sephora

So if you spend a lot of money at Sephora, like I do. ( I do buy like a million things from the clearance section though, since I'm all about how much can I get for a little bit of price. It's the bargain hunter in me) Then you may know about the Beauty Insider program, it's a card that gives you points towards freebies. I know I love freebies, so I was in on it from the day I started purchasing from the store. What you might not know is there is a second level. If you spend $350 or more in a year you get upgraded to VIB or very important beauty insider. This comes with perks of its own. I just recently purchased a few things from the store because of the 15% off sale they were having, combined with my giftcards. (I turn a lot of my giftcards into sephora giftcards or amazon giftcards depending on what we need or want at the time) I really wanted the Clarisonic Mia 2. Been wanting it for a long time but couldn't afford it. So with the discount and my giftcards I jumped to buy it. I bought the berry one. Yes there will be a post about it. Sadly I've been so busy it's been sitting unopened like a week since it arrived.

When you make that $350 purchase point, they give you a little envelope full of new and fun things to enjoy because you have spent enough to be a part of the special crowd. (I will admit I was a little sad, the first time I saw some hit the VIB mark, they were given a little bag full of makeup, I was looking forward to that, but I was told that it wasn't something they normally do.) My store has gotten in the envelope so I had been waiting a while to get my new VIB card. So the other day when I went out to get a freebie at the cerritos mall, I stopped by the Cerritos Sephora, had the envelope. I am happy to have my silver card.

The envelope comes with a coupon for free shipping on the website, 10% off a purchase, and a free makeover in store.

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