Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finding a Charm Locket on the Cheap

The first time I saw the little magnetized lockets with the charms in it, I fell desperately in love, then I saw the price and I instantly was brought back to reality. I own a lot of expensive jewelry that I already don't wear, so I didn't need another piece I would wear for a short time and not touch again. (Need to make a necklace rack.. must do it.) So I was saddened since I really wanted one, I've drooled over them online ever since.

Today I was out doing the Grand Opening for a Victoria's Secret PINK store (and got the PINK Angel Card, I'm so screwed, lol) I decided to walk around the mall a bit because I wasn't ready to go home and start working on auctions, or online stuff. I hit up a couple different stores including Benefit (you will see my score there shortly.) and ran across one of those cheap jewelry/accessory stores. I walked around inside not really seeing anything that caught my eye until I saw it, the spirit locket on a chain for $2.99. I ran over and instantly started going through the 99 cent charms. Yes they aren't expensive but they are some of the same charms I have seen at trunk shows. I was overly excited. I got a heart shaped locket that really locks well. I picked out a T and a J each with rhinestones. Then I picked up a little cat, lastly I picked up some playing cards and dice. I wish they had a little heart, but I will be looking for one.

So for $8 I picked up something that would have cost me $50 plus anywhere else. I am so happy with it, It is the exact same locket I have seen before, so I love getting things cheap.. yay.

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