Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My love for Indie Brands.. is always increasing

So I love makeup.. with a passion. I look the colors, the vibrancy, the way it transforms so much into works of art. I love all the things you can do with makeup. Now I love so many brands, from the cheap stuff to the crazy expensive stuff. My favorite lip balm is Baby Lips by Maybelline, and my favorite foudation comes from Burberry. So I am all over the charts.

My love of indie brands started with Lime Crime, I saw Centerfuschia and I couldn't think of any of color I wanted more. And from there I started seeing all different brands that I had never seen in Sephora, Drugstores, or Ulta. I fell in love.

So I want to start doing reviews and I am going to slowly build up my indie collection.

Upcoming reviews for BFTE cosmetics, Vixoden cosmetics, Surreal cosmetics, Mon Ennui, Kunnimitsu, and more...

But there are so many more that I want to try.. Saucebox cosmetics, the Lime Crime eyeshadows, Ka'oir lipsticks, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, and so many more.. I plan to make a post listing all the brands and mark them off as I get play with them.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Giveaway Winner

So I had 5 people sign up for the BBW giveaway. I had my bf choose a number between 1 and 5 from across the room he yelled 3. So comment 3 won.

Congrats to Melanie Synder. I will be emailing you as soon as this post goes up.

Look for more giveaways. I always have something around the corner. And right now is the ideal time while its small numbers. Hopefully someday it will be bigger numbers.

Thanks to all for participating.

One of my sample boxes

So I constantly get samples of everything. Makeup, hair products, skincare products, lots of other stuff.

So I decided to make myself a sample box.

This one is now full.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Essie Polish Good as Gold a review

So I got this color from Klout before it changed the way they do things and I stopped getting anything from them. I was really excited because I love nail polish. I have a ton of them. I am someday going to make a spreadsheet.. hopefully soon.

So it goes on clean, looks really nice. I love the color and the look.

I used just one coat on my nails. It looks stunning and drys very quickly. It does not last without a base coat and top coat. I think that goes for most of the nail polishes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Violet Pulse Brash Roll On Eye shadow a review

I picked this up the other day because I wanted to try out this eye shadow. It is sold at Payless Shoestore.
It's a beautiful light violet color. It goes on lightly and is very pretty. I liked it but like most cheap eye shadows it didn't last for a very long time. So this is a short night kind of color. I would definitely use a primer. They have quite a few different colors to pick from, and they range about $4-$5. Not bad for the cost.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Lancome.com GWP nice deal

I love GwP times at the counters and I love this bag so I thought I would share it with you guys. This time it is spend $60 and get this nice $120 set. The deal is a Lancome.com exclusive.

You get 1 eye cream deluxe sample of your choice. You get one eye or face look which contains either eyeshadow, mascara and makeup remover or blush, liipstick and i think primer. You also get 2 deluxe samples of gentifique and hypno star mascara. Plus the adorable bag.

I don't represent Lancome in anyway just like showing off a nice deal.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bath and Bodyworks a mini haul and a small giveaway

So yesterday I went to Bath and Bodyworks to pick up the free mini lotion from the facebook giveaway. I ended up getting a bunch of them. Then I saw all the 75% off stuff and I had to pick them up as well. So I got a ton of stuff and a couple of things to giveaway.

I got 2 each of the new mini bottles of the scents they are bringing out. Then I got shimmers cause i love them, a large bottle of body wash and some mini bottles.

So what I am giving away is 2 mini bottles one from the new line. The lotion you can pick which of the 3 you want. and the other is a body wash of the candy apple.

All you have to do is comment on this post which of the 3 you would want, or your favorite BBW product, no spamming please.

The 3 scents are:

Honey Sweetheart - honeyed violets and pink sugar

Berry Flirt - red berried and blonde wood

Daisy Dreamgirl - clementines and star daisies

I will post a picture of everything shortly.

Contest ends on 1/27/13

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrifting today

So I have been going thrifting lately. I really should be taking pictures but I keep putting things in the wash and away before they get put up.

But i was lucky enough to find this dress in my size for only $3.50 I was so freaking happy. It looks amazing.

Picture of Kim Kardashian wearing the dress I got. I don't really care for her and her antics, but I totally fell in love with the dress.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Playing with my new pigments

So I was on a makeup swapping group and someone was selling for $30 35 pigments and I was like.. OMG I must have. I love indie pigments. So I jumped on it. She was super quick about shipping so I was totally excited when the box arrived really quickly.

The box was packed with so many amazing colors, you will get to see them all over the next coming weeks and when I get to doing makeup looks you will get to see them in use.

So here are 9 of the beautiful colors I got. I am so in love with all of them.

This is a beautiful blue and pink. They were caked style and really light on the skin with some sparkle to them.

These next three were really pigmented. The red I used the other day on my face and it got everywhere.. I felt so embarrassed I couldn't get it off my skin, or the sink, or my fingers.. it was everywhere. So I know to be more careful with that one in particular from now on.

The first picture is of the 3 containers with the different colors.

The next picture is of the red by itself. Then the last picture is all of them swatched. The dark pink is swatched blended and then just caked on. I can not wait to play with these.

Last we have 4 colors from a collection that I don't know.. my only problem with most indie brands they don't label them for lasting, so it falls off and you are left with awesome pigment and no brand.

And there you have 9 wonderful colors added to my box of pigments and eyeshadows.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My mini haul from a salon and TJMaxx

So I went out and decided to run some errands with my mother, and thought I would stop by TJ Maxx and see what nail polishes they had. Since I moved here about 3 months ago I haven't had to the chance to really explore, so I was glad to have her with me. She wanted to look at cooking stuff. (Still not sure why, she doesn't cook. But to each there own.)

So for about $20 I got 3 color zone in neon colors, 5 Baribelle, 1 NYC, 1 Essie and Santine I think.. or something close to that.. I will go look it up in a bit and fix this.

Then while we were getting some delicious Subway I saw a little Salon and said lets stop in, I love looking at hair products, you would never know with my disaster of hair.. but none the less. I do like looking and they had a bucket of travel sizes for $1. So I picked up 4 different things, I love trying new stuff.

3 Matrix Products, and 1 Paul Mitchell.

Moisture Treat, Break Fix and Miracle Treat. - Matrix and the Paul Mitchell was a smoother.

I think I did pretty good and got lots of things to play with and write about.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lime Crime Poisonberry

Now I love love love Lime Crime. Almost a perfect gift for me is anything I don't already have by the company. (I'd even take extras.) Not only do I love the cutest packaging, the product itself is incredible. It goes on smooth, looks gorgeous, is vibrant and long lasting and the colors are to die for.

One thing I love about the Lime Crime brand is the colors are vibrant and long lasting. I wore it all day without having to reapply and through eating Taco Bell and drinking from a straw. So I was super pleased with it.

So there it is.. in it's adorable purple box.

I just adore the unicorn on the tube, sadly like most things if you use it a lot it rubs off. :(

I mean honestly look at how incredibly vibrant that is. It is so gorgeous. I fell in love instantly.

And just when I thought I couldn't love it more, I swatched it. Amazing brillance. My picture doesn't do it justice.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crowdtap Old Navy Activewear

Crowdtap gave me the chance to get some free Old Navy active wear. Now I haven't talked about it here yet, but I love Crowdtap and I love excercise gear. So I was super happy. I love yoga pants. So i ran down to the store as soon as I could and scooped up a nice excercise jacket and an amazing pair of pants.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

You know how it goes..

So of course I say Im going to post so often and be on top of things.. and then on Jan 2nd I get severe food poisoning.. so severe that as of today the 6th.. Im still getting up ill. (to not be to disgusting or graphic.) Fun times. But I have colors sorted for makeup looks, things I want to write about and excitement for all this.. I just can barely sit up for long periods of time. I look like a mess, lol. I almost took a picture for you all but decided.. that might scare you away and make you stop reading my little blog.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Peppermint Stick Softlips a review

I am a believer in the softlips brand, when they started with social media I was on the ground level always getting surveys to try them out, I used to get lots of them free. Now that they have tons of fans, no more free. But I am ok with that. I just go out now and get them for myself. I totally am wiling to pay for them cause I dig them.

They came out with this one for the holiday season and when I saw it I knew I had to have it. Peppermint stick. Now if you know me, which you don't yet you will learn I am a huge lover of peppermint. I love peppermint hot cocoa, one of my favorite drinks. Next to black tea of course and mountain dew.

It smells like peppermint right off the bat and has the nice smooth feeling of softlips. It goes on smooth and leaves you feeling refreshed and not chapped for a while. Great product.

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