Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Little Mermaid Ride at Disneyland

So I went on the Little Mermaid Undersea Adventures for the first time today. It is my favorite movie from the disney world. Yes I love Lion King (it is a close second, and Lady and the Tramp, and Lilo and Stitch) but Little Mermaid has always held a special place for me. She is a red head. I want to be a red head. I used to be unseperable from the water, she's a mermaid. She wanted something more in her life, that's me. I want to be something to someone, or the world. I'm not too picky. If I became famous, I'd be happy. If I never do, I'd still be happy with what I have.

So I took lots of pictures of the ride, and here they are.


  1. My sister just got back from Disney World and posted these exact same photos!!!!!

  2. Oh I can hear that song playing in my head looking at your pics, Now’s your moment
    Floating in a blue lagoon
    Boy, you better do it soon
    No time will be better
    She don’t say a word
    And she won’t say a word
    Until you kiss the girl

    1. That is my favorite song and part of the movie.. I just love the scene so romantic.


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