Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Croods movie review and makeup look

So I have been watching movies a lot lately and I wanted a reason to talk about them. Then I thought why not do makeup looks based off of them and then I have a reason to talk about them. YAY.

I went this weekend and saw The Croods. My mothers boyfriend wanted to see it, and he had just taken us to see 42 and bought me a BuildaBear (I feel like a little kid again lol) so I was all for it. Even though I wasn't sure I wanted to see it because of the mixed reviews I heard from people. I did see some funny parts in the trailers so I thought I must give it a try.

The movie is about a caveman family named The Croods, who must give up everything they know to escape the end of the world. The daughter finds a boy named Guy who helps them on the journey who is also in search of Tomorrow, his idea of paradise.

The movie has some funny parts, and there are some cute characters written in. We all had a laugh, belt was cute, there was some good one liners. A lot of the funniest parts of the movie were in the trailer. That's usually my biggest fear with comedies is trailer talk up. When all the best parts of the film are in the trailers. I hate it. This movie was kinda like that. Not that it was unbearable to sit through but it was just about what I was expecting. Not really my cup of tea, but not so bad that I didn't like it.

The animation is well done, the scenery is gorgeous and fun to watch. The animals they created were beautiful. I loved the Saber Tooth Tiger he was so full of beauty and colorful. I am already looking at Fur Dyes for snotti. I think she would be gorgeous.( I won't really mostly because she is an old kitty and I'd rather she enjoy life then be annoyed at me.)

Overall the movie was a bit too overdone for me. I mean would I watch it again, sure if my little cousins wanted to watch it, would I choose it to rent on a movie night, No. If you have little kids they will enjoy it and you won't hate it and might even laugh some at the film.

So I did some bright vibrant looks for the film since it is full of life and color.

I used Orly Razzamatazz, Essence Snow White Collection Doc, Kat Von D Sparklehorse, Pretty Polished Martian Salad and Pretty Polished Pool Party. In that order thumb to pinkie.

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