Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Victoria's Secret PINK MLB Dogs

So I collect the PINK dogs from Victoria's Secret. I also collect the dog on any product. I have tons of shirts, undies, sweats and more all with the adorable silhouetted puppy on them.

This week they came out with MLB - Major League Baseball themed dogs, one for each team. Now I wish I had that kind of money to grab one of each, but I don't and further more, the stores only sell dogs that match to where close by teams are located. So I was only able to pick up in my store Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Los Angeles Dodgers puppies. Luckily for me I had a free Victoria's Secret giftcard I had recieved so I ordered among other things 2 more dogs the Giants and the Cubs. (I have a soft spot for the CUBS, I did a play that was literally horrible and to this day it makes me think fondly of the CUBS, because it was soo bad that it was almost entertaining, probably not for the people that paid to see it but at least for me the Stage Manager/Small Bit Part/WTF is going on mindreader.)

Now I was super happy because when the promotion started I was out of town and figured there wouldn't be a chance for me to get any of the VS Pink dogs when I got home, but they still had them YAY.

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