Monday, April 1, 2013

Special K and OPI team up for some awesome rewards

I just ordered my set of Special K OPI nail polishes from the kelloggs reward site. I went down to my local Target and purchased 8 boxes of Special K, I tried to get different flavors so I wouldn't be tired of them too quickly and sadly couldn't get any of the flavors that looked like something I would want to eat. I heard though that these cereals are really good for you. So I definitely will give them a try. I figure I spent $25 on 8 boxes and if I was to go buy 3 OPI's at a store I would pay at least $25 so getting food and nail polish for the price of just nail polish isn't bad at all.

The 3 colors you get for the 8 specially marked codes are Red, Pink and Blue.

I promise when I get them in I will definitely swatch them for you. I am very excited. As a kid I always did cereal promotions. I won my first sweepstakes at 5. I won a mountain bike from Captain Crunch, which we traded in for a Little Mermaid Bike. So I am always interested in seeing what cereal boxes are giving away. I have tons of sets of the toys from the early 90s.

Here's a link to the Kellogg's site, if you eat Special K. Kelloggs Rewards

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