Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Downtown Disney Paintings I want to buy

This is in no way the only ones I want to purchase, but this is a couple I saw the other day that I would love to have hanging in my house. I already have 4 Giclee's of Jessica Rabbit that I have purchased throughout the years, that when I own a home will be proudly displayed, (all bought at different christmas times when I could use someone's 35% to take off a couple hundred to make them a bit cheaper.)

So you can see who I favor, I love the princesses but I have favorites of course.

I love Ariel she is by far my favorite princess, red hair, a singer, and a mermaid, all a plus in my book.


  1. I love the Jessica Rabbit painting!

    1. I am a hard core jessica fan.. I own tons of stuff with her on it. I admit it.


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