Monday, April 15, 2013

Urban Outfitters Virgin and Eyes Wide Closed

So the other day I picked up a ton of nail polish on the cheap from Urban Outfitters and I am trying to get them posted for you. In the best color combinations that I can. I love trying out new polishes and I try to pick up every cheap polish I can get my hands on to give myself a chance to play with some art at some point when I get more brave about my art. I admit I'm not the best artist.

So the two colors I got for this are Virgin a cream white and Eyes Wide Closed a cream black. I just did a post on Essie's Black and White polishes and I think these two might have been a little thicker in putting on but not as smooth.

I was lucky to find the Virgin (the white) on my second trip to Urban Outfitters this week.

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  1. it came out great! i love the eyes wide closed shade! very nice

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