Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sephora Birthday Gifts My boyfriends BDAY is today

So today is my boyfriends birthday. He turns 39( oh no 40 next year.. omg.)and we are partying it up in Vegas so this post was written in advance. (Funny story, we actually will be leaving Las Vegas early because I have to be at a special event with Nordstroms and Vogue Magazine tonight.. so he doesn't get to stay in Vegas we are driving home. But this means he gets like 5 hours of him time and that will make him happy.) Since he won't read this (like he reads my blog, lol) I can tell you guys what I got him. He loved the movie Josie and the Pussycats (You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I love it too. That's one of the amazing things he and I have is the amount of things in common we have. He's amazing, but that's a story for another day.) so I bought him a copy of the movie. He is the kind of guy that hates clutter (I have no idea how we survive in our little apartment, I have far too much stuff.) and so our trip to Vegas was more a gift to him then anything, even though we're mostly doing stuff I want while there.)

So to get onto the topic of Sephora, now I adore this store. They have incredible products, wonderful employees, a ton of samples and a birthday program. I made him sign up so I could get a second set during the year, works perfect cause my birthday is in 4 months so if I run through the product I get another, YAY. This year they had a couple of birthday products to choose from because he is a guy, they had 2 men's products and 2 female products. He doesn't use shaving cream or moisturizers so he didn't want either mens product.

The kit comes with a highlighter and a mascara in deluxe sample size. Great for vacations and purses.

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