Friday, April 5, 2013

Bath and Body Works new Lotions

I went to Bath and Body Works this week because I had a coupon for a free min bottle of any signature collection. I have probably 100 bottles from the store, mostly mini's I grab every new scent as it comes out in it's mini version. I don't use lotion that often so it's one of those problems I have with getting things I don't need, but I get them for free or for $1. When they do the 75% off sale I get them for $1.25 so I grab a bunch that smell nice. I put them in friends giftbaskets, or for when I do giveaways and contests either through my blog or when I do events. I absolutely love doing nice things for people. I enjoy watching people get excited over things.

So when I went in they had just come out with Beautiful Day which I have a couple of the roller balls for so I grabbed the mini lotion for it. Smells really nice.

The great part of the deal though was its the first week of the preview of the next set of scents they will be releasing all based off an italy scent.

They are Venice Dolce Berry, Rome Honeysuckle Amore and Capri Seaside Citrus. I absolutely love the mini bottles. These bottles are smaller then the regular minis and they sell them for 2 weeks for only $1 to preview the new scents before they bring out the product in full size. Someday I will post a picture of my collection.

The Venice Dolce Berry smells beautiful like berrys, I love the Honeysuckle Amore because as a kid I used to eat honeysuckle so it brings back good memories. The capri seaside citrus has a simple citrus smell. I think I like the Honeysuckle the best.

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