Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nail Polish Subscriptions so many choices

I love Nail Polish and I have a bad kick for picking up different polishes whenever I see one that I like. I have been trying to decide if I want to pick up a Nail Polish Subscription. There are so many options out there and I don't know which one to pick.

There is Julep which has a great fan base. It comes with a set of polishes specific to whichever Maven you choose to be. They do lots of fun things to make being a member a treat, from free polishes to golden tickets where you get extra product. I got one box a long time ago. Been thinking about starting up again though. I like the nail polish itself. I will be posting a review someday on the Julep's that I own. The subscription is just $19.95 a month and has lots of other things they offer such as Dry Shampoo, Lip Balms and a multitude of products that are up and coming. Julep

I found SqaureHue while looking up Nail Polish Subscriptions. I haven't worked with them or gotten anything from them. I do like the bottles they look cute. Now this service each month gets you 3 of the polish that they make. I have seen some of the colors they are very nice. I haven't had a chance to use them yet but I think I might try at least a month. The subscription cost is $21 a month. They are even running right now a special for $54 for a 3 month subscription. Squarehue

Now there is You Polish a smaller indie brand that has her own subscription service. You Polish This is a cute indie polish company that has started her subscription service. Each month you get 1 custom polish (only available through the box), 1 polish from her store and some other little treat. All for just $16.99. I think I am going to pick up the subscription this month.

Next I found Glitter Guilty . I have been searching for these like crazy. I keep finding them it is so exciting. Now this is another indie nail polish maker. This is taken right from her details page. "Our regular subscription is $15.99/month, which includes shipping. Choose the length of your subscription: month-to-month, three, or six months (cancel anytime) Receive one full size polish custom-made specifically according to your preference profile, and one “monthly mini”, sent to all subscribers. You’ll also receive a delectable piece or two of artisan chocolate, or in summer months, another one of my favorite guilty pleasures."

This is just a few polish subscriptions that I have found out there. Are you a part of any of them? Do you want to join any of them?


  1. I joined Julep a few months ago. So far I've been pleased. I absolutely LOVED the latest collection and ended up upgrading to get all the polishes. I've been eyeing SquareHue too but I've vowed to only do 1 nail polish subscription :)

  2. I joined julep, just canceled. I liked it, minus the few issues I had that were resolved quickly.

    I came across this thing called . It is also a monthly subscription deal, except with nail art related things instead of polishes. If you wanted to check it out :)
    I was going to but they don't ship to Canada :(
    I wish I could find some Canadian based subscription boxes.


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