Friday, April 12, 2013

Snotti my cat

So I have a pretty kitty that has lived with me for 8 years. Her name is Snotti Cat. She is a grey tabby that is super sweet and cuddly.

She came to me from I have no real idea. I am so incredibly happy she found me. She was a scaredy cat, with a broken back, her ear chopped off. She wouldn't come near anyone in my house. But we left the garage door open for her to have a dry warm place to sleep and left food out everyday and soon she started getting brave. She finally one day came up to me and wanted to be touched. Slowly over time she started to be more friendly. Flash forward to 8 years later where at this moment she is curled up in a ball against me, where she spends every moment when I am in my room.

She loves my boyfriend so much. She sits on the edge of my bed waiting for him like 15 minutes before he is supposed to get off work. As soon as he walks through the door she gets antsy. So excited that he is home. He's finally trained her to know that its not okay to jump in his lap until he has taken off his shoes. Then all bets are off and they cuddle and snuggle for a while. It is her and his time and its just about the cutest thing I have seen.

She sleeps in between us every night. As soon as she sees us lift up the blankets to get in bed, she jumps up onto the bed so she can get her pets from us before we drift off to sleep. I feel so lucky that I have such a wonderful and loving cat to call my very own.

Snotti turned 8 years old today (or 8 years since I had her move in). She is a lot less mobile now and she has put on a few pounds but she is still my lovely baby kitty.

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