Monday, April 1, 2013

Disney Jasmine Launch Party for Sephora at Downtown Disney

So I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend a nice little launch party for the Disney Sephora collection, this event was held at the Downtown Disney Sephora this past Saturday. I was going to go back to Wondercon but I decided to instead go to this little event and enjoy a little time walking around. I didn't have a costume for Wondercon (even though on friday in my normal get up 15 people either asked to take pictures of me, or wanted a picture of me. Makes me feel good.. no idea why, always happens at cons on the day I'm in street clothing).

I got there and got my name on the appointment sheet to get my makeup done. Walked around the store a bit to look at other makeup stuff, since it had been 5 whole days since I had last been in a Sephora, haha.

They had all the employees wearing the Jasmine crowns that were given out as a gift if you got your makeup done by the makeup artists. So I was super excited.

I thought the makeup artist did a great job on my makeup. I really liked the colors she used.

If you bought anything from the Disney collection you got a Jasmine sketch that you could have signed by a Disney Artist.

The cool thing I saw while there was that they had some of the Limited Edition Swarvwoski Cinderella Large Palette and the Perfume. Only $150 each and they could be yours. The palette was beautiful.

I did take a picture while I was there.

I had a great time. I love when Sephora does events it is always a blast. I got the compact from the collection. I really love it, it's so beautiful.


  1. Favorite Disney princess! I even had a named my kitten after her 18 years ago!

  2. I love Jasmine one of my favorites...also the Swarvwoski Cinderella large palette looks gorgeous I know if I was there I would have ended up splurging on it.

    1. It was very hard not to spurlge it was so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. WOW I AM SO JEALOUS! amazing event.. wish I could have gone! :)

    wondered accross your blog and am loving the interesting posts <3

    Love LC

    1. Thank you so much. Just wondered over to your site. I love your hair. It's gorgeous.


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