Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just me.. that's all you get

Good Morning my cats and kittens. I just love this picture of me no makeup, just being me. I mean I love wearing Makeup but the simple morning me is what most people see. I'm working on making my skin nicer and I right now can't really wear eye makeup because my eyes are being nutty. I hate it but it is what it is.

Just wanted to say hi, between my pictures of makeup and finds and loves. Just get in on the moments of random. I had a bowl of Special K this morning.. never thought I'd like the cereal, but I do. Thankfully I bought 8 boxes to enjoy. Might even go buy more, get a 2nd set of polish since the cereal is quite good.

My cat Snotti is curled up next to me squeaking everytime I make too much noise or move too much. And my boyfriend is reading up on the video game we both play. I'm watching Numb3rs and I'm awake before 10am.

Well what's your morning like?

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