Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Quick Run to the Mall Freebies and scores

I really wanted some Mongolian BBQ tonight and so I got my boyfriend to come out with me to go to the mall, he was hungry too, so it's easy to get him to come along with me. I didn't tell him I wanted him to come along because it is so close to his birthday and that means free stuff at Sephora.

We got to the mall and I ran over quickly to Aeropostale to get the free lipglosses they were giving out if you brought in a coupon. I had printed one for me and one for him. They only had 2 left at my store. So we were super lucky. I liked the rainbow lipgloss but that wasn't part of the promotion.

Next we hit the puppy store,we can't miss the puppy store everytime we go. We both really want a dog. They have the cutest pups and I danced with one little hyper puppy. Someday I will have a dog. It's in our big book of plans.

Then we hurried over to Spencer's because I really needed some more Nail polish remover pads because I have one left in my container. I found my favorites at this store for a $1. How can I beat that, so I grabbed 3 of them.

Then we went and got dinner. I was super hungry being 8pm at night and hadn't eaten all day. I was painting,(not the best I've done, but i like them) and totally forgot to eat. I got Mongolian BBQ which I had been craving, with no meat, the only way I like it. I would eat it more often but it is incredibly unhealthy but super delicious.

Then we ran over to Victoria's Secret and grabbed my free Fragrance Mist. I got a coupon for it in the mail. I got Pear Glaze. I like the scent so I am happy with it.

We popped over to Sephora and I used a free $5 giftcard I got to get some Matte Nails Inc nail polish, I got some samples, and a 100 point item of Stila Peony Blush/Lip Duo. Then we picked up my boyfriends birthday gift which he got the Benefit for me, since he doesn't like beauty products even like male moisturizers won't touch them.

Lastly I hit the MAC store looking for the Heroine Lipstick, they didn't have it so I ran over to Nordstorm's Mac and they didn't have it either but they had Embrace Me so I got that instead. I love the color, so not a loss.

That was my hour and a half trip to the mall. Lots of stuff and I only spent $30 out of pocket with buying dinner.


  1. Score!!!! Don't you love it? I love Ulta. They should love me too as I give them lots of money.

    1. it is funny i hated Ulta because they treated my mother horrendously one time she went, and then i won a free color at Ulta and decided to use it, they ended up giving me 5 deluxe samples while i was there. It was completely the opposite experience then i expected. Still love my sephora more, even though they seem to never have premade samples anymore.


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