Friday, April 26, 2013

AERIE free bra, undies or $5 for trying on a bra.

So it started today and ends either Sunday or whenever your store runs out of coupons.

So I hopped in the car this morning before work and went to go check it out. I don't own anything from AERIE so I thought why not give it a shot, and I hadn't been to that mall in a while even though its less then 20 miles from my house. My mother decided to come along ( I always invite her when there is free stuff to be had.), she wanted to check out the mall too.

So we got there and unlike the last promotion they did for Lipgloss the store was empty, I was surprised. I grabbed a Brigette bra (in the wrong size, I was still sleepy) and took it into the dressing room with me. Didn't fit, lol. So I grabbed some from the try on drawer all the bras in my size were too big and bulky. (I never realized it as a problem since like all my bras are from Victoria's Secret and there D isn't like huge, I hate that like half your body look.) So I didn't find anything I liked. Neither did my mother. I was sad because I really liked the polka dotted orange one they had.

The girl came over and gave us our coupons. We both were awarded a free pair of undies. I got Green and White polka dotted boyshorts. I like them and they are super cute. So definitely happy we went.

So if you like AERIE's bras or are looking for a bra and there is an AERIE at your mall why not stop by this weekend and give it a go, you might get a free bra, a pair of undies, or a $5 giftcard. Not bad at all.

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