Friday, March 15, 2013

Victoria Secret Haul and Deal

So this week Victoria's Secret is having an awesome GWP. If you buy anything PINK you get a free little heart speaker for your Iphone 4/5. So of course I ran down there to pick it up.

I split my purchases into 2 separate ones so I could grab two of the speakers, since I am prone to breaking things. I brought my wonderful boyfriend. Who very sweetly just follows me where I go for my deals and freebies.

So for $22 and some change I got 2 Heart speakers, 3 pairs of PINK undies and a tin of mints. Plus 2 Secret Rewards Cards. I now have 3. I will be grabbing another 2 SRC's so that I can use the at least $50 from the cards to get myself a VSX sports bra. I really like the feel of them. If I get lucky enough and a card has more on it.. I will be grabbing myself a Swim Suit. Even though I just bought myself the cutest one. There will be a post on that very shortly. Since I want to show off the amazing coverup I got.

I get every single Free GWP that is on the low end price side. I wish I had the money to spend $50 - $75 every time they did a giveaway. I will be getting the beach towel the next time it comes around though. Since I own 3 different ones already. Someday I plan to have a PINK bathroom.. or in my makeup room a place to put all the fun PINK/VS things I have aquired.

I am in love with the PINK dogs. I have I think like 30 of them or more.. I have them all boxed away for now since we are living in a pretty small place.

The speakers are still going on in stores until the 18th of March so if you have an Iphone make sure you get in on this one.

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