Monday, March 25, 2013

Pure Ice Nail Polish - Strapless and Tame Me Now

So today while I was out shopping I stopped by Walmart to pick up some sodas and thought I'd do a quick run through the makeup department. I mean how can I not really. I seem to stop in every makeup department. So I first saw Tame Me Now and I must say I love orange. So this was almost a guaranteed buy since it just sparkled for me. Then I saw the blue and I just fell in love with it. So here I am showing off my new polishes.

The colors you are looking at are the blue is Strapless and the orange is Tame Me Now. Both glitter polishes. I didn't realize the blue was just glitter until I went to put it on.

So the blue is a beautiful shimmery color. It looks wonderful on the nails. The swatch here is over a plain nail. It goes on a little bit thick and hard to keep it from streaking. It will definitely look better with a bottom color.

The next color Tame Me Now is a gorgeous orange glitter with a bigger silver glitter circles in the mix. I love the color and over a light orange polish this would probably be amazing. I just put it on plain to let you see the polish itself. I had a bit of trouble with it being thick. I wasn't being slow enough on the coats.

Tell me what do you think of Glitters?

1 comment:

  1. Omg I love that Tame Me Now color!!! It reminds me of Dorothys ruby slippers on the Wizard Of Oz!!!! I love that movie!


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