Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So Cal Beauty Mavens

I figure this is a great place as any. I live in Southern California as many of you already know. I am always looking to meet up with other makeup junkies, cosplayers, geeks, convention goers, musical theatre lovers, or anyone that just wants to have lunch sometime or coffee and talk bloggy stuff or talk about whatever.

In May I will be at Ipsy's Generation Beauty. I am so excited. I won't be getting a hotel since it's an hour from my home but I will be there from open to close all 3 days. So hopefully I can meet up with some of you. I would love to get to know other beauty bloggers and other makeup mavens.

Has anyone got everything all set up to go to Gen Beauty? It looks like it is going to be amazing. I am really excited. All the bests of the industry under one roof. Sounds like a fabulous party.

So if you live in So Cal, especially OC. I would love to meet up. So hit me up. Let me know. You never know, making friends can sometimes lead to great things.

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