Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10 Things About You Challenge - DAY 10 - 10 Secrets

I saw this challenge on Blush Bug and totally loved it.. So I thought I would totally do it too. It's cute and maybe some of you want to know things about me. :)

Today is the tenth day and here is the secrets I have to share with you.

1. I wrote a book when I was 13. I now 13 years later and finishing getting it editted.

2. I was a dancer and a performer for years. I played Dot in Honk a musical in a dress that made me look like an escort.

3. I own like 50 pairs of Victoria Secret Pink sweat pants.

4. I can pretty much eat anything I want and not gain weight, but as soon as I am happy I start to gain weight.

5. I didn't get my ears pierced until this year in August. I am terrifed of needles. I have fallen apart in dr's offices when they told me I had to get a shot.

6. I have the hugest crushes on Bruce Campbell and Neil Patrick Harris

7. I am Bipolar with Manic tendacies.

8. I am socially awkward but I know how to play a role when in front of people

9. I have never seen All the Lord of the Rings Movies, the Harry Potter Movies or the Star Wars movies ( I saw the first LotR movie, and the 2nd Harry Potter movie at the red carpet premiere)

10. I am blind in my left eye and my other eye is going.

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