Sunday, March 31, 2013

NCLA Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me nail polish spring color

I was in los angeles this weekend because of an event and got the chance to pick up a NCLA polish. I didn't have any yet. I had to get it so that I would have at least one in my collection and would know how they go on.

I decided to pick up a orangish, peachy color. It was called Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me. It goes on a little streaky, or maybe that's my nail polish painting skills. But it looks like a great color for spring. I really want to do an easter mani, since I haven't really done any mani's yet that are designed so if I have some free time tomorrow that's definitely what I will be doing.

So I like the color but I don't really like the coverage. I tried more then once to get it to go on flat and instead it kept being very streaky. So I would definitely use this as a design color rather then a base color because it's a nice color.. but at the $16 I paid for it. I don't think I will be picking up another one anytime in the near future. But I maybe it's just me.

The color is somewhere between the two pictures. I couldn't capture it with my camera, no matter how many pictures I took. So that's the two closest to it.

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