Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nail Polish Remover Pads in Jasmine scent

So on one of my freebie days at Old Navy. If you have been reading me you know what I am talking about. If you haven't you can go read the post about Snap 5's or I can tell you. Old Navy has a cell phone app and you take pics of the logo and it gives you mostly tips for fashion and every once in a while a coupon for something off a purchase. The best coupon is a $5 off a $5 purchase. I always run down and get some of the clearance stuff. One of the last times I was there they had Nail Polish Remover pads in the clearance bin. I got 2 containers and a lipgloss for free. So if you don't have Snap Appy on your phone yet, you should download it. It is a great app.

So I hate having to use nail polish remover from a bottle. I have dumped my bottle on myself more then once, I admit. So I am always looking for a different way to go about taking polish off. I will admit I like the pump bottles and always say I am going to get one and then I don't. When I saw these I knew I should grab them and enjoy them. I didn't know if I would like them because the last ones I used were a different brand and let me tell you they weren't the greatest. I don't remember the brand but I figured I would try again. Shouldn't let one bad experience sully my enjoyment.

These particular ones are Jasmine scented. I don't think they smell like Jasmine, more just like a little bit of flower scent but that does not bother me.

Here's my painted nails before

Here is what the little pad looks like.

Here is the pad plus a second pad I had to use to take off all my polish. I think 2 pads is not a problem, like one for each hand. I like them. The container comes with 30 pads so thats 15 removals.

I don't know if Old Navy is still selling these, but I saw them at Spencer's as well and will be going over to stock up on more since they are clearancing them at my store for $1.50 each.

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