Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sadness Sidecca is closing at my mall but that means Clearance time

So one of my favorite stores is closing its doors at my mall. It makes me sad but I do understand why. They are always empty because although they have the cutest clothing, it is so crazy priced. Bathing suits for like $110. Its adorable clothing though, lots of pinup girl style things and costume pieces. I went in to check out the 50% off sale and walked out with a bunch of stuff.

Now I am a cosplayer. So when I saw lots of hot pants in shiny colors I had to grab a red and gold pair, and then the matching tops. I got the gold so if I ever decide to play Rocky Horror from Rocky Horror Picture show I am all set. The red outfit will be part of a Scarlet Witch costume I am working on. I then got a Blue tulle skirt which was supposed to be for my R2D2 costume but it just doesnt work so instead it's going to become part of a Tardis costume I have in the works. When I complete them you will see them here. I try to post pics when I have them.

I will say best part of the clothing I bought was a pair of Gold hotpants for my boyfriend. He used to play Rocky Horror years ago. You can even see him on the Drew Carey Show in his gold hotpants. So when I told him, he said go ahead and pick me up a pair, baby. So at some point in the future he and I will be going as Rocky Horrors to either just a weekend Rocky or maybe for Halloween. Squeal can't wait.

I also got some Cherimoya Polishes 7 of them to be exact and then a Cherimoya eyeliner and a white mascara, and 4 hardcore kleancolor eyeliners.


  1. Luckily, the store isn't completely going out of business. Valencia & Burbank will remain open as well as Sidecca.com ! Lookout for all new merch April 8th & May 1st !

  2. That is so good to know. I absolutely love the store. I just bought myself the cutest pair of sailor pants the last time i was there yesterday.


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