Friday, March 29, 2013

The Host a night of makeup, giftbags and screenings

So I was lucky enough to get invited to an event put on by the Spehora down at the Hollywood and Highland center this week. I was pretty excited since I had interest in seeing the movie and there was a giftbag to be gotten. ( I will admit I love prizes and giveaways and free makeup, lol) This event was for the new movie that came out in theatres today called The Host. A movie based off a novel by Stephanie Meyer. You might know her because she wrote Twilight. I had seen previews for the film and though I hadn't read the book I thought I kinda want to see the film it looks interesting. I like sci fi so why not give it a shot.

My boyfriend is my ever trusty partner in crime when it comes to events. I love having him come along. Sometimes I will bring other female friends but this time I only had 2 tickets and he had the day off and wanted to see the film. He always wins out. So we took the train down to LA. (Cheaper then driving out there) and hung out all day walking through stores (and spending all my money lol) enjoying our day out together. We got there quite a bit early because I was expecting a big crowd. I didn't know that my invite was a one of only 300 sent out. Less then 100 people showed up for the event. Surprising because normally it is bursting at the seams. Well only 300 special invite tickets were sent out, there was an enormous line of people who got the GoFoBo tickets waiting to see if they were going to get the chance to get into the screening of the movie.

My boyfriend and I met some other ladies waiting for the event and we hung out with them. They were really sweet and were like me, went to lots of premieres and over fun things out in LA. I just realized while writing this that I got no pictures of him there with me. Darn. I wanted to show him off. LOL. It was nice hanging out with other event lovers and we exchanged info so hopefully we shall all hang out again soon. LA is a bit of a distance for me, but good friends and conversation can definitely be worth it.

So we got in line to get our giftbags. Each giftbag had a tshirt, a poster, a pack of pins, some candy, a bag of popchips, a sephora mirror and bag, some samples and a mini purell.

Then we went over and got our makeup done. Which was fun. They had two different styles they were doing one for the seekers which was metallic for the seekers and the other earth tones for the humans. I chose the Seekers. It like the smoky eye look. I know you can't really see because I have my hat on in the picture. But I though it looked nice.

Then we had an hour to kill before the movie, my boyfriend and I found a shady spot and we read for the hour. I read on my kindle and almost finished my book and he read one of the books I recently bought him. Yes he and I are both book worms.

We sat next to our new friends. I will say I fell asleep for about 15 minutes of the movie. Overall he and I both liked the movie. It was cheesy and corny at parts but I like the second half of the movie and though it was completely predictable it was entertaining to watch. I ended up liking the movie. It was cheesy at first but got better, which is basically what I was told of the book, that you should skip the first half and just read the second half, that's pretty much the movie for me. I wasn't into the first half but the second half really picked up.

We ended the night by having Tommy's a tradition for he and I everytime we come out to LA now it seems. I like it and think we will stick with it. I enjoyed my day out. I am glad I got the chance to do it.


  1. I absolutely loved the book...I think it took me all of like, 12 hours to read it...I could not put it down! I really cant wait to see the movie!

  2. I am a pretty avid reader too. I have a book blog too..


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