Saturday, March 23, 2013

H&M clearance haul :)

So I can't walk by H&M and not step into the clearance side because I always get great things. I love the fact that I can get stuff for super cheap. Jewelry for $1 and like today lipglosses for 50 cents.

I picked up 9 lipglosses. 6 different ones for myself and 3 to go in my prize box. I will keep growing my little prize box. Someday I will figure out how I want to do contests that will be wonderful for everyone.

I also got a giant coffee table book that is full of ADs from the last 100 years. I love it. I had no idea that H&M did an ad that had all the models naked, including a women whom is topless and you can almost see her bottom half. It's totally crazy. There are tons of other ads for lots of different companies. The book is normally $20, I picked it up for $2.50. So I am super happy. Love it. Will someday keep it on my coffee table.

The last thing I bought was just a lace red tank top for $2.50. I just loved the color.

So I walked out with everything for $10. Great day.

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