Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Things About You Challenge - DAY 2 - 2 Songs

I saw this challenge on Blush Bug and totally loved it.. So I thought I would totally do it too. It's cute and maybe some of you want to know things about me. :)  So the day 2 is Songs. Now let me tell you this is hard for me. I am hugely in love with music. So here's my first song.

Become by the Goo Goo Dolls. It is my absolute favorite song. I even got the title tattoo'ed on my hip to remind myself that no matter how hard things get You Are Beautiful. I mean the song changed my life. I was falling apart. I hadn't heard it and my best friend from the other side of the country called me and told me this song reminded him of me. I thought nothing of it until I was walking around a store and the song came on the radio. As soon as I started listening to the lyrics I burst into tears. It was everything I needed at that moment to start some changes in my life that were long coming.

Link to a youtube of the song

Now for the second song thats the hard part because so many songs have meant something to me over the years. I'm gonna be open on this though and say Tori Amos's Playboy Bunny. I have had a lot of hard times in my life and this song always stuck with me. It's about a miscarriage and how the mother feels responsible. I have been there. I never wanted kids but there's a good chance I will never have one of my own, not because of my own choice. I have an amazing almost stepson. So I am blessed there. But I have felt my share of guilt over the years. Maybe that's far to open but it's just me. Link to the song on Youtube

That is my 2 songs. But I could name hundreds. Music is a huge part of my life.

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