Friday, March 1, 2013

Up and Up Exfoliating Cucumber Wipes a review

So I went to Target the other day to buy my ponds wipes that I always buy and was shocked to see that they were out of them. I was out at home and realized that meant I had no choice but to get something else or go a day without using a wipe on my face. I do it first thing in the morning and then wash my face when I finally get up and shower. I also use them at night right before bed, before washing my face. For me they make me feel cleaner and refreshed.

Since I couldn't find my normal brand I thought why not try the Target brand. Now I usually get a citrus one but I like cucumber so I thought why not try these ones. If I hate them I can always run out tomorrow and get something else. So I think I paid like $5 for the packette of 30. Which is what I pay for the Ponds ones normally, unless I get lucky and get them on sale.

Now I was really excited to see that they had real bumps for the exfoliators on the cloth. Thats the one thing that I hadn't liked about Ponds recently is it seemed like they had taken that away from them. So this made me super happy. Next up was the smell of them, they smell super fresh and leave my skin smelling like cucumbers. I like the smell, my boyfriend likes the smell so it's a win win all around.

So overall I like them. I will continue to use them and keep using them. I will still probably buy my Ponds ones, but I know now that this is a good alternative to purchase and worth picking up. I might try out the other ones as well just to see how they work out.

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