Friday, March 22, 2013

10 Things About You Challenge - Day 5 - 5 Foods

I saw this challenge on Blush Bug and totally loved it.. So I thought I would totally do it too. It's cute and maybe some of you want to know things about me. :)  Today is the fifth day and yummy it is food time. Now I love very few things when it comes to food. So this one is easy

1. Baked Lasagna from Strings. It's like a lasagna pot pie with the sauce on the side and you can get white sauce. AMAZING.

2. Mongolian BBQ - or stir fry.. what ever you want to call it. I prefer it with just vegetables instead of meat. I could eat it everyday and be happy with it.

3. Rocky Road ice cream preferably without the nuts. I love chocolate ice cream with marshmellows. It makes me so happy. Yum Yum.

4. Peach Sprite it is delicious. I get it everytime I go to the movie theatres. I wish it came bottled. That would be amazing.

5. Orange Mountain Dew is my favorite mountain dew flavor. I wish it was around all the time. Since it is so amazing.

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