Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 Things About You Challenge - DAY 7 - 7 Wants

I saw this challenge on Blush Bug and totally loved it.. So I thought I would totally do it too. It's cute and maybe some of you want to know things about me. :)

Today is day seven and all about what I want. The things that I want are i guess i will put this as a dual, items and life.

1. Make Up Collection with all the colors of the rainbows/ Career teaching children

2. DSLR Camera like a Canon or a Nikon / a Wedding

3. everything at Victoria's Secret / A happy family

4. a new laptop / my own home

5. clean perfect skin / Confidence

6. a trip with every musical show in New York / living in New York

7. Disneyland Annual Pass / Happiness

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