Thursday, March 21, 2013

10 Things About You Challenge - Day 4 - 4 Books

I saw this challenge on Blush Bug and totally loved it.. So I thought I would totally do it too. It's cute and maybe some of you want to know things about me. :) So today is the fourth day and its about Books. I love to read. I don't really know if I have 4 books that are my top favorite. So I am going to give you 4 books that I have loved

1st book was my favorite in high school and the reason I started writing. The Long Road Home by Danielle Steel. It's about having a hard life and wanting more.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver the first in a trilogy of books about a world where we have tried to cleanse our selfs of Love. Calling it a disease. I really like the way she weaves the story. I love the idea. That if we all got rid of emotion that our world would be perfect, except it would be broken and sad. I couldn't imagine giving up everything.

Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville. I probably read this book 1000 times when I was in elementary school. I love fantasy and I love dragons. You can't go wrong with the author. I remember using him many times to help kids who were having trouble reading get into it. I love his works, even as an adult, they remind me of sweet innocent times.

Grimm's Fairy Tales. I love reading fairy tales, they are one of my favorite things to get lost in. So that's my 4 books.

Tell me yours

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