Monday, March 18, 2013

MADE impulse for Macys New Collection

Now I love fashion in a different way. I love colors and styles. But I don't really follow fads. I am more the kind of girl when skinny jeans go out of fashion, if they look good on me I would still be rocking them. Because that's just what I like to wear. So I have to show off this collection. First some pictures and I'm going to go down to Macy's this week and see if my store carrys any of them.

This is the first piece from the collection that I am in love with. I love all the new galaxy stuff that is up and coming. So gorgeous.

Now I love wide leg pants and I love floral print. Win Win.

Not my favorite but I do like the look. I love comfortable jackets I wonder if this would be comfortable.

All these pictures were from SheFinds they have lots of awesome info on up and coming fashion and beauty.

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