Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Self Confidence and Self Esteem

So I met a lot of amazing women this weekend at Generation Beauty and one of the huge things that came up all the time was Self Confidence and Self Esteem and how incredibly important that they are to women in this day and age.

We are bloggers, vloggers, students, cosplayers, performers, moms, daughters, dancers, secretaries. We come from all walks of life. I have spent a lot of time hanging out and tons of events this last year meeting so many people from every career, lifestyle and life.

Last year I went to an event for Old Navy and almost every single person other then like 5 people were models. I felt so out of place with the entire room full of leggy thin beautiful women. I felt so insecure, making it even worse that I was still wearing my eye patch. I felt so little confidence in myself. I was totally fronting, and then this gorgeous model came over and told me I was beautiful, just out of the blue. It made me feel so inflated and it reminded me that I shouldn't feel bad about myself ever.

You should feel good about yourself no matter your size, age, wrinkles, weight, height. Life is too short to allow people to make you feel bad about yourself. You are beautiful. You are unique. You are funny. You are interesting. You are anything you want to be. So be happy, confident and know that you are it.

I have my own insecurities for sure. I hate my skin. I am constantly trying to make it clearer. I hate my thighs. I spend a ton of time exercising and trying to make my body tighter. I will say that no matter my bad days, you will see me in costume or on video. I am so not worried about people and what they think.

I never let what other people think put me in a bad spot. I try to cut the negative people from my life. I am all about Self Confidence and Self Esteem.

Put on that outfit you love because you love it, put on your makeup the way you want to. Don't ever let someone take that away from you. It's the best time of your life let it be that.


  1. This is such a great post! Everything you said is spot on!

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