Sunday, June 9, 2013

EdgeWater Inn by Michael Pe

Another Guest Post from my photographer friend Michael Pe.

Planning on a little vacation or just want to have a little stress free zone “ME” time? I am currently traveling for work and my latest destination stop is right here on the beautiful sunny California: Pismo Beach! Let me tell you, It was one of the most relaxing time I’ve had in years. I recently stayed at the beachfront hotel called Edge Water Suite and Inn. The hotel is literally right on the beach and walking distance to downtown Pismo Beach. My suite had a nice view of the beach which I enjoyed while doing my paperwork. My suite has a large flat screen TV which came in handy so I wouldn’t miss any of the TV shows such as NCIS. It has a mini fridge to cool down some store bought margaritas and pina coladas which I truly enjoyed at the hot tub after a hard day at work then snooze off on a very comfortable King Size Bed.

The beach is somewhat private as there are not a lot of people when I went, exactly how I want it, so I was able to relax without being disturbed. The beach has a lot of nice scenic views which I’m not even going to describe as there are no words that will give it justice to describe it. Just take a look at the pictures.

Edge Water Suite and Inn is located in the beautiful city of Pismo beach on 280 Wadsworth Pismo Beach, CA 93449. Phone Number : 888-248-1354

View from my window

Some photos of the Beach

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