Monday, June 10, 2013

Proactiv Gentle Formula my journey starts here

While at Generation Beauty I met up with a rep for Proactiv. Now I have for a long time been trying to get my skin under control. It doesn't get like crazy bad, but I am not happy with where it is at now.

She gave me a couple of things to try out and she told me we would talk in the future about other products and what is and isn't working for me, or other things I would like to try out.

I received a 3 step set of the new Gentle Formula. I tried out the regular formula and it didn't really work for me. So I am looking forward to see how these products work for me.

I got the Clarifying Cleanser, Clarifying Toner, Clarifying Day Lotion, Advanced Blemish Treatment, Refining Mask and the Green Tea Moisturizer. I will be working these all into my routine and see how I like it. I really am very excited to try it out.

So here is my Before picture.. don't be too mean. I will be posting again in a month to show you my progress with the brand.

So follow me on my journey to getting clearer nicer skin.

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