Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jedi Elvis Benefit Concert

This last weekend. I had the greatest of pleasures of attending a benefit for the victims of Oklahoma Tornados, put on Jedi Elvis and the Red Cross at the Covina Performing Arts Center. I am friends with Jedi Elvis, funny story, he and I performed together on that very stage 13 years before in the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat.

I wore my Slave Leia star wars dress, so glad to have a chance to wear it out for a day. I have so many geeky outfits that I hae been aquiring. I am doing a lot of Charity things, and more as I come across organizations I want to work with.

This wonderful event for me not only was a great chance at helping others, but I made quite a few friends at the event and I am thankful for the chance to find more people in the communities that I love that are friendly, helpful and full of the desire to help each other. You might even see pictures of them at other events since we are making more plans to spend time together.

The event had 3 acts. Al'coustic, a Weird Al performer, he was quite good and very funny. He was enjoyable to watch. I like listening to Weird Al songs so it was a fun time for all. You can find him here.

The next band was Apartment 14. They were a cute group. I liked the song they wrote about Vampires and Werewolves. Here is there facebook page. Please look them up. They are worth listening to.

Raffle tickets were sold and there was a Silent Auction. I donated a giftbag of makeup worth about $150 to the silent auction. I bought 20 raffle tickets, and gave them out to people when the numbers got called, I didn't really need raffle prizes, I took some things home to my roommates and boyfriend and got a WonderWoman comic for research reasons, since a few know she is one of the costumes that I am in the process of working on.

There were lots of fun, in chance raffles. Lots of fun items were given out. Heroes season 1, a Squirel Deadpool, Thor's Hammer (which is living in my room at this time) and so much more. Even a signed copy of a Huey Lewis CD.

Great times were had by all and Jedi Elvis was the main act, who brought down the stage. He is such a wonderful entertainer and a great man. The life in the theatre was so amped up and enjoyable. Jedi Elvis parodies Elvis songs and makes them Star Wars related. I loved the choices he made.

Check out Jedi Elvis on these platforms and go to youtube and listen to these 3 performing groups. They were all delightful. I am so happy to have been a part of the benefit.

Alcoustic - Alcoustic's facebook fan page

Apartment 14 Apartment 14 facebook page

Jedi Elvis Jedi Elvis Facebook

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