Monday, May 7, 2012

Nail Polish

Now I've never really been the type to do my nails. I mean I got my first manicure for my prom and the lady did such a terrible job I just never thought of it again. Yet lately, with all of the adorable things people are doing with their nails I get so wrapped up in it and its making me want to start doing my nails.. so first things first, I need to grow out my nails.

I love all of the neat designs. I can't wait to get to try the magnetic nail polishes.

This is a beauty world I've never been a part of and I'm excited to be stepping into the shallow end.

So bring on the nail polishes..


  1. How funny!! I just recently became obsessed with nail designs too; I've honestly bought, like, 40 different nail polishes in the last month. But I'm a nail biter :( I'm trying hard to grow them out but they come out so thin! I've started taking supplements; do you take anything to help?

  2. Actually I don't and I jinxed it because they were getting so long.. and now they're short. But I'm working so much it's crazy.. and I'm breaking them consistently at work. I'm thinking of picking up so supplements and some of that strengthening nail polish. (Exciting stuff coming up, because I got hired by a nail art company, yay and so I can't wait to show it off.. )

  3. That's awesome! Congrats!! Are you planning on making a spreadsheet of all the nail polishes you own and want? I would love to see! I have one on google

  4. I should do that. Next free day at home I get, I'm going. Thanks for the idea.


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